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Archive News 2008

August 2008
Work continues but in recent times has been limited by the constraints of finance and other resources. Painting of the locomotive has continued and the tender body has recently been lifted from its chassis to allow a full assessment of the work required to put it back into good order. Meanwhile we are continuing to source all the fittings for the loco. The injectors, water gauge frame, cylinder cocks and cylinder relief valves have all been made over the past few years, a brake valve assembly is almost complete and the castings for the lubricator await machining. We are now moving forward with the backhead fittings and an order has been placed for the injector steam valves, steam heat shut off valve, “W” valve, pressure gauge cock, “J” cocks, reservoir release cocks, blower valve, condensing coil shut off valve, and a condensing coil. There are, however, many subtle differences between the original Churchward design parts and parts from the Collett, Hawksworth and even B.R. eras. We, of course, are aiming to have the Saint typical as the loco would have been not long before the First World War, with Churchward level parts. Generally speaking most preserved GWR locos carry fittings of a later level, so sourcing the parts takes a bit of investigation. Also completed recently are the two new front cylinder covers.

We are on the lookout for a Churchward style water gauge protector, which is of a round profile instead of the more usual square type. If anyone knows the whereabouts of one, could they please let us know; we would gladly swap a square type one for it. We are also on the lookout for a tall safety valve bonnet; To have these parts made new will be a costly affair so if anyone knows where we could find either of these, we would love to hear from them. Please contact Peter Chatman at the Didcot address.