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Archive News 2009

June 2009
Over the past months, the tender has been stripped down to the frames and any components that can be re-used have been salvaged. The tender will shortly be re-assessed against the original assessment to determine the total extent of the work required to rebuild it.

Progress has also been made on the loco herself. Having completed fitting and preliminary alignment of the pole reverser work moved on to preparing for the fitment of the boiler backhead fittings. The boiler flanges have been machined and protective covers fitted.

2999 in her temporary new home in the Lifting Shop
Brackets to carry the vacuum reservoir have been fabricated, fitted to the frames and are ready for fitment of the reservoir itself. Other work completed at the front of the loco includes modification of outer running plate supports to allow fitting of the cylinder covers.

Under the loco, work continues in preparation for the wheel drop which will allow fitting of the brake brackets.
Collation and preparation of the many components removed from Maindy Hall continues apace together with a reorganisation of our part store to make location of components easier.

This month the loco has been moved from No. 4 road in the works to the lifting shop. Work will of course continue whilst we await removal of the boiler (in preparation for re-staying).

The boiler lift will also be an opportunity to repaint the otherwise inaccessible sections of the frames and to fit valve gear and brake gear. Meanwhile, the tender frames will shortly be moved into 2999s old position in the works so work can start on the rebuild.
2999 being shunted in the yard
2999 in her temporary new home in the lifting shop
September 2009
Since the June update, the boiler has been removed as planned and work is well underway preparing and painting the newly exposed metalwork.
The removal of the boiler has also given access to allow the removal of the splashers which will soon be modified to accommodate the boiler cladding.
Work has already started on the boiler itself, starting with the removal of the firebox stays.
In addition to the boiler lift, the front and middle drivers have been removed and preparations made for fitting the newly manufactured brake hangers.
At the front of the loco, the vacuum reservoir has been installed onto the recently fabricated brackets.
2999 during a brief visit into the open in mid August after the boiler had been removed