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Archive News 2010

March 2010
The 'Lady' has been off her wheels in recent weeks with the leading and centre driving wheel sets removed, dressed and painted before being replaced. The bogie has now been removed from the frames and has also been cleaned, prepared and repainted.

Refurbishment of the motion is also underway. All the eccentrics have been remetalled. They will be machined shortly and new motion pins made. The valve rocker bearings have been cast and await machining. The rods are being cleaned, polished and made ready for fitting.

The newly-manufactured reverser frame and lever have been fitted and work is progressing well on fabrication and fitting of the reach rod and weighshaft. The new centre brake hangers have been machined and fitted. The frames have been drilled in preparation for mounting the remaining brake hangers and the brackets have been cleaned and painted ready for fitting.
The new reverser reach rod with its distinctive crescent-shaped bearing slot which keeps the rod level as the reversing lever and gear move backwards and forwards.
Work has started on cleaning and refurbishing the sanders and they will very shortly be fitted back on the loco.

The boiler has also seen much progress with many hours of hard work required to remove all the the steel stays on both sides of the firebox. The boiler was ultrasonically tested towards the end of last year and no major problems were found.

The tender has not been forgotten amid all this work on the loco! The springs for the tender have been refurbished and are now back at Didcot. The tender wheelsets have been sent away to have the tyres turned and axle journals polished.

Finally, the Saint project's small but dedicated group of volunteers has grown by one as we welcome a new member. His time and skills will be a valuable addition to the project.
New volunteer John hard at work painting the bogie wheels.
November 2010
The 2999 project has been making good progress during the summer months. The loco is now back on her wheels with only a final coat of paint to be applied to the rearmost drivers.

In recent weeks the slide-bars have been fitted, carefully aligned and fully bolted up. The valve covers have been machined and fitted and new snifting valves and cylinder drain cocks are in place. Valve pistons are being made and when complete will allow further progress in this area of the loco.

All brake hanger brackets are now fitted and the brake hangers themselves are being fabricated. Preparation for fitting of the internal motion is well underway. The inside of the frames are getting their final coat of paint and the countless hours of careful polishing that has been lavished on the rods is almost at an end.
Slidebar and cylinder relief valves
The sandboxes have been fully refurbished. They will shortly receive a final coat of paint and will then be fitted back on the loco. The 6 splashers have also received a coat of paint to protect the underside surfaces before they are refitted and then become inaccessible. Fabrication work on the cab-sides has been completed and they have been fitted back on the loco together with the cab roof and spectacle plate.

Much time has been invested on the reverser. Teething problems with the detent mechanism have been resolved and the lever and frame have been fitted on the loco. The reachrod, centre brace and wayshaft are now all in place and the complete mechanism is fully functional.
Cabsides and reverser
The tender wheelsets are now back on site having been away to have the tyres turned and journals polished. The axles have been crack tested and the wheels themselves have been carefully cleaned, prepared and painted.

Excellent progress has also been made on the boiler with almost all 857 firebox stays now removed and work has started on fitting new steel stays.
Painting the last driving wheel