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Archive News 2011

July 2011
The brake blocks are now on site and the cross beams have been cleaned, prepared and are now being fitted. The brake rodding is currently being manufactured.
Another visible sign of progress is that all six splashers are now back on the loco. Modifications are underway to give the necessary clearance between the splashers and the boiler and cladding. The beading for the splashers has been cast and is currently being polished. Also, the front running plates have been adjusted and now fit correctly around the valve end covers.

The front buffer beam has been carefully prepared and is currently sporting its final coat of primer. The patterns have been made for the distinctive tapered buffers and they will be cast and fitted in the near future. The loco buffer heads have also been machined true (having been built up with weld) and are ready to be fitted once the buffers are cast.
Newly cast Brake Blocks
(Photo: Pete Platt)
Both sets of valve components have been renovated and fitted to the loco, the end covers have been painted and will be fitted in due course. The two pistons have been trued up on a lathe and are ready to fit. Final fine polishing of the connecting rods is underway and the bearings will be white metalled very shortly.

The cross-head vacuum pump lubrication pots have been machined in brass and polished ready to be fitted and likewise the inside motion lube pots are now awaiting fitting. The wooden floor has been constructed, trial fitted to the cab and will be adjusted before final fitting.

Work on the tender has started to ramp up. The buffers and coupling hook have been removed and work on removing the rust from the frames has started. Material for constructing the tender floor and the drag box is now on site.
Inside Motion and Brake Blocks
(Photo: Pete Platt)
Wherever possible we will use Churchward period fittings for 2999. These can be very difficult to obtain but a recent success was the Duplex vacuum gauge, purchased at auction, which has cleaned up well.

A new member has been welcomed to the Saint volunteer team, namely Robert Tubb. Rob's skills and enthusiasm will make a valuable addition to our merry band.
Splasher beading
(Photo: Pete Platt)
Duplex vacuum gauge